Mighty Hickory’s (3yrs and up)

Mighty Hickory’s will allow both children and caregiver to find their own space. We will start each class gathered together for a story and a thought provoking question- one for children and one for caregiver! The children will be invited down to the Playful Garden to investigate further, test out their ideas, and discover different materials set out for them. Caregivers can bring their own mug and use this time to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and a light seasonal snack sourced from local farms while they engage in conversation with-like minded adults. The children will also partake in a light seasonal snack sourced from local farms. Each Session will explore a different theme and will run one morning a week for 4 weeks.

Where: Vernon Family Farm – 301 Piscassic Rd. Newfields, NH

When: Tuesday’s 9:30am – 11am

Cost: $85 a session.

Mighty Hickory’s is a program for parent and child. This is not a drop off program.

Session Dates Theme
6th, 13th, 20th and 27th

Gathering: Practicing our social skills as we come together as a group, we will talk about gathering and what that means to us. Nature will provide us with items to gather and we will investigate the changing seasons and use our treasure for constructing and creating collaborative art.

*Online enrollment will close 10/30/18

4th, 11th, 18th and
1 Free pass to a
Free Rangers Class
of your choice 

Homes, Harvest, Hibernation: We will be welcoming and celebrating the arrival of Winter Solstice with the use of our senses to experience the changes that it brings. Through thoughtful eyes, we will discover local habitats and the animals preparing their warm winter homes where they will cozy up and feast on all their findings. Just as animals turn-inward for warmth and comfort, we will do the same- collaborating with each other to build our owns forts and prepare warming soups to share.

*Online enrollment will close 11/7/18

8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th

Tracks and Prints: What kind of tracks will we find on our adventure walks around the farm? We will make our own predictions of what they might be and see what we can we use to create tracks of our own!

*Online enrollment will close 1/01/18

5th, 12th, 19th and
1 Free pass to a Free Rangers Class of your choice

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Earth Movers: Nature will lead our exploration of gross and fine motor as we  navigate our way up and down snow banks, construct snacks for the birds, use loose parts to design and build our own obstacle courses, and much more!

*Online enrollment will close 1/29/18

You and your child will be enrolled once we receive your payment. Online enrollment closes one week prior to program start date. Then an emergency information and waiver form will be emailed to you, which you can complete and return to Playful Garden on or before your program start date. 

*Check our Facebook page for the rare occurrence that we would have to cancelr


Free Rangers (Birth to 5 years)

A child-led open play that starts with a story, ends with a song, and has a whole lot of play and discovery in between. This nature based exploration will have us climbing, digging, cooking, creating and more! Free Rangers will allow the child to investigate their ideas while exploring impulses. Caregivers and facilitators can ask thought provoking questions and provide tools in a way that still lets the child lead, inquire, and discover for themselves.
Being immersed in nature, we will get to experience the changing of the seasons and the different materials and weather they offer.

Where: Vernon Family Farm– 301 Piscassic Rd. Newfields, NH

Cost: $10 a class

*Classes start Wednesday October 17th 2018

Free Range Inch Worms
Movers to 2.5 years


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Wednesday’s 9:30am-10:15am
Free Range Crickets
0 to 5 years


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Wednesday’s 10:45am-11:45am
Free Range Lady Bugs
Birth to 18 months
Coming this Spring
*Check our Facebook page for the rare occurrence that we would have to cancel

 Parent Connection

As mothers of three young children, we understand the value of a place for caretakers to seek guidance and support.  Playful Garden is meant to provide a supportive community for new and experienced caretakers to turn to, as well as an opportunity for our little people to grow and explore outdoors.

* Parent Opportunities Coming This Summer *

A program that provides mothers the opportunity to come together, with their children, for educational and community engagement.